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DroidCon India

This is my first attempt at writing a blog post so forgive the errors of synchronization.

Talking about firsts, Droidcon for me brought a lot of firsts. Introduction for people who landed here randomly without knowing what droidcon is(though I don’t think that is possible):

Droidcon is a two day conference held in different cities all over the country where android enthusiasts and developers meet to discuss, present and explore this amazing and dare I say most popular piece of technology right now. The Indian edition of it was held in Bengaluru this year and managed spectacularly by HasGeek.

Talking about myself, I was lucky enough to receive the Female Developer’s Sponsorship to attend the event which made it much easier to pack my bags and head south for a wonderful time.

DroidCon(I keep camel-casing it….geeks will understand) began with an air of professionalism, we were handed our bags containing our itinerary , a very cool set of AuraVR headsets by inShorts, stickers and ID-cards(with schedule printed on the inside which was extremely thoughtful).

What followed was a serious of hands on workshops(as I chose to attend) about plugins in Android Studio. Who knew that Android Studio is itself just a huge set of plug-ins on the existing IntelliJ platform!

More than just developers, you could see people with a sense of duty to contribute to society to their full capability, the Indic Keyboard initiative by SMC was an example of pure dedication to building meaningful resources.

The list of people to mention and must-attend events could go on to fill pages but what I personally gained was a sense of Freedom – knowing there is a large society backing up any efforts I choose to make in this field, Trepidation – fearing if I will be able to match up to their expectations, and most of all Inspiration – and isn’t that just what everyone is searching for?

I dont know if I will leave my mark in this group of greats that come before me but attending an event like this taught me that it isn’t glory(exclusively :P) they work for, it is that pure satisfaction of watching what they envisioned come alive and affect the lives of those around them.

Yes you can watch all the videos and take all the tutorials online but the feeling of seeing these tech giants walk and talk, just the atmosphere around, will stay with you for a while.



PS: It is very good place for networking if that influences anybody 😉