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Learning “How To Teach”

I am a bit young(or at least I assumed so) to find myself at this stage but I do find myself at a place where I am in a state to teach others something. Be it anything. It is a surreal feeling in itself. Keeping aside the feeling of pride and vanity, there is a sense of wonder in being able to impart knowledge to others and see the expression of gratitude light up their face. This is a small foray into how I reached here and what I plan to do now that I am here.

It began with explorations of my own, naive and unskilled, a bit late to the race actually, I ventured in the world of tech and let it unleash whatever wonders it could on me. I tried competitive coding, web development, game development, AI, android development and the hunt is still on for the next challenge. In this journey, I left my shyness behind and sought help from whatsoever source presented itself. Seniors, blogs, friends, forums I searched them all and was fortunate enough to find people willing to mentor and assist in mundane tasks, spending time and effort. That was it when I decided that some traditions are honorable to carry forward.

Following in the footsteps, I welcomed juniors and friends seeking my help and guidance in matters I had some knowledge of and it is a task I took up diligently. What amazes me is the ease with which I can recognize even over a Whatsapp chat (coherent conversations over which are difficult anyway) exactly what the problem someone is facing and is not able to convey. I guess my own days of trial and error have taught me too much about making mistakes. There are some plans in motion to expand my reach and take up more elaborate sessions. There is a sense of fear and responsibility with this task that you cannot deny but the overwhelming joy of sharing the best of what you had learnt, giving a simpler solution or at times even making someone understand the problem better is a reward that urges you to fight through your fears. It is a satisfaction and gives a high like rare other things can.

I am not an accomplished teacher, far from one actually, taking my first steps. I don’t wish to make a career out of this but will always attempt to build a stronger community which can survive and grow by supplying knowledge from within. That is my dream and that is why even if my efforts are meager and audience small, I believe they matter.


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