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All Play and No Work

This is perhaps going to be my first non technical blog entry. I could place the blame on not doing much in the that department recently, things need a spark I suppose (more pondering on that later). So the question now is, what I was up to if not slaving away in front of my other heart (laptop). Well I was playing. Literally. Playing what you may ask? No not Counter Strike or NFS but actual real to ground sports (geeks can raise their eyebrows at me now). The week started with the Annual Sports Fest being organized in the college and for some reasons it had more fervor this time around than all the previous editions.

Unsure at first on spending all the time and energy (and the dreary prospect of sweating under the Sun) but a long story short I ended up signing up for a couple of sports. The week did not start on a good note as I ended up on the receiving end of a very well placed Volleyball smash, rendering my hand to the following state, looks cool right? 😉

Ouch 😛

Taking responsibility that it was perhaps not the best decision I opted to play and omitting the blow by blow here I would rather like to talk about the things sports once again taught me.

You cannot and should not underestimate anyone. Let me narrate some examples of same:  One of the underdogs went on to defeat every other team to make it to the finals in one sport. In another the projected favorites lost to the underdogs at a crucial moment.

People can surprise you. Sports test the nature of a person, not just as a player but as a leader, as person under pressure and person who can quickly adapt to situations. With the right kind of motivation (what works for whom is another surprising factor 😀 ) people can outperform themselves. And some people are plain junkies,  they live for the thrill of crossing that finish line no matter how bangled up they are (broken limbs and fainting out of exhaustion is just another day for them).

Another fascinating phenomenon I observed was the hidden abilities and passion abounding from the unlikeliest places, that nerdy little girl throwing the discus so far, that gangly looking guy smashing the ball into the ground, that shy introvert leaving the wind in his wake as he runs. For many this time brought back nostalgia of the pre sabbatical-from-the-world period of Indian students studying for entrance exams where the only exercise involved traveling to your coaching institutes 😉 .

To sum it all up, I had a great week. Ups and downs, fights and hiccups, sweet victory at places and struggling to breathe after an embarrassing run at places. I don’t remember a single day wherein I didn’t fall on my bed nursing a new bruise. Currently I am limping a bit and have an inability to hold a pen (a great excuse to skip classes) and will promptly begin my abstinence from sports for a while, but the experience? It will leave me smiling for a few days.

New addition to the cabinet

Note to self: Stop procrastinating and go back to work now.