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Best of Both Worlds.

How I landed in my current situation is a bit of a fix. Wanting too many things often leaves you with conflicting and complementing scenarios and that is precisely what happened with me. Being an intern at a Software giant and a Mentor for Google Summer of Code is not how I imagined myself this summer but thats how it is going to be.

Learning is a very simple process but the forms it takes is what makes it beautiful. The dual roles I am in are teaching me new things everyday. At one side there is the corporate rush of finishing a task on time, facing technologies that both challenge and enthrall you while on the other side I learn how to be patient, elucidate various concepts and being responsible to be able to provide proper guidance to ensure building of a fine product. At one place I am allowed to make mistakes and bug my seniors for doubts while I assume the role of the source of clarification in the other.

In all honesty, the dual perspective has enabled me to peek behind the curtain in either role. As a learner, now I know how willing our mentors are appreciate their efforts all the more. I am able to put forward my difficulties in an easier to understand manner and communicate with my mentors better. When I don the other hat myself, I am significantly more articulate then I was before and am able to break down the work in smaller, achievable tasks. All students transition into the phase of mentoring and guiding others and we wish to recall the experience we had to be better at the task but I feel like getting the live preview of both. I am able to in many cases immediately apply what I learned.

The point of the long post you may ask? Well, I am not sure. Maybe the way how after a day of enriched learning made me want to extend the same experience to the ones I can continuing perhaps the most sacred of cycles made me appreciate the situation I am in. And that one thing is for sure, whatever conflicts I had to incur to reach here, I am glad I did. All left to do now is hope that I don’t mess both of them up!